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Sabbath School - Aug 2, Sat 9:45 AM - A time for all ages of Bible Study and Fellowship
Worship Hour - Aug 2, Sat 11:30 AM
Sundown Worship Service - Aug 2, Sat 6:00 PM
Prayer Meeting - Aug 5, Tue 6:00 PM - Join us in our weekly prayer meeting. A time for believers to...

The Bible Says

Escape to Freedom
I recently watched a documentary on the Colditz Cock. It told...
Joy in Jail!
I find it interesting that most people in developed countries...

Staying Young

Neighborhood Walk
Many feel we have lost our sense of community today. Too many...
Honestly, I’m Not Okay
“How are you doing?” It’s the standard, universal...

Family First

What About Purity?
Purity. That word again. But what is it really all about? Why...
Shoulder to Shoulder
I looked at the faces of the couple pictured in the news...
Welcome to the website for our church!
Thank you for visiting our website today! We'd like to invite you to use this website as a tool in your everyday walk with Christ. Please scan through our links - there is something for everyone! Check back daily for new devotionals and news.

Our goal is to share the good news about Jesus our Savior with as many people as we can, in the setting of the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14.

We welcome you to visit with us on Saturday mornings for good Bible discussion and learning. We meet for "Sabbath School" - a time of Bible study and discussion - at 9:45, and the Worship Hour begins at 11:30. Come visit our friendly family!

                                                                                                      Pastor Michael Wolford

Bible Lessons Are you wondering -
"Who are Seventh-day Adventists?"

   Sabbath Begins
Sunset Schedule
For: Pine Bluff, AR
8:10 PM Aug 1, 2014 (Sabbath Starts)
8:09 PM Aug 2, 2014 (Sabbath Ends)
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